Test your scanner!

  • Download, print and fill in test questionnaire
  • Scan completed test questionnaire
  • Send scanned .tiff data file to support@evasys.de
  • Our support team will get in touch with you to inform you about the quality of your scan

Recommendations for the technical configuration of your scanner:

  • Document scanners should be used when working with EvaSys SurveyGrid
  • Only use laser printers to print out your paper questionnaires
  • Make sure the printer driver is set to A4
  • Do not use grey recycled paper for your paper questionnaires
  • If you would like to scan larger amounts of paper questionnaires, we recommend scanners with the following functions:
    • ADF (Automatic document feeder)
    • Duplex scan (simultaneous scan of front and back side)
  • The scanner should be able to generate files in .tiff format
  • Please set the scanner to the following standard settings:
    • Paper format A4 (the use of letter format is a common error)
    • Black/white (text only / OCR / fax )
    • Resolution: 200 dpi
    • Duplex (simultaneous scan of front and back side)
  • Your scanner should use the compression procedure TIFF group 4 s/w or CCITT Fax 4 s/w in order to support processing of paper questionnnaires by EvaSys SurveyGrid.