EvaSys SurveyGrid is an extensive survey tool that enables you to conduct all necessary steps of a survey: creating questionnaires, realization of surveys and data evaluation. With EvaSys SurveyGrid you can reach your target group in various ways, regardless whether you want to conduct a paper-based, online or hybrid survey. You can access EvaSys SurveyGrid online at any time, no local installation on a computer necessary.

EvaSys SurveyGrid is suitable for any survey situation in which you want to professionally collect data. Some typical examples are employee and customer surveys, the measurement of patient satisfaction of doctor's offices or pharmacies as well as feedback surveys in schools or for research.

You can conduct surveys flexibly and efficiently with EvaSys SurveyGrid. Survey your target group with a paper-based questionnaire, online or with a hybrid survey as a combination of both. The data from paper-based questionnaires can be scanned with prevalent all-in-one devices and evaluated in real-time. The tedious entering of data is a thing of the past.

Are you interested in EvaSys SurveyGrid but would like to try out the software first? We offer you an exclusive 30-day trial free of charge so you can get to know the functions and benefits of the survey software without any commitment. What do you need to do? Simply complete this form. Your request will be processed as soon as possible by our staff. Afterwards a trial access is set up for you - of course free of charge and without any commitment!

EvaSys SurveyGrid automatically reads scanned paper-based questionnaires. You can either easily upload scanned questionnaires to the EvaSys SurveyGrid web interface or send scanned questionnaires in TIFF-format or as an e-mail to EvaSys SurveyGrid. Thus the amount of time and effort needed is reduced significantly.

While many providers solely offer online or paper-based surveys, EvaSys SurveyGrid gives you the possibility to easily combine both survey types. Hybrid surveys allow you to simultaneously collect data online and with paper-based questionnaires and analyse everything in one evaluation. Hybrid surveys combine all benefits of paper-based and online surveys.

Choose a duration and register with EvaSys SurveyGrid during your order. You will only need your current email address. Upon conclusion of your order you can immidiately use EvaSys SurveyGrid for your survey projects. Choose your duration now and get started!

Credits are needed in order to analyze the returned online questionnaires and scanned paper-based questionnaires with EvaSys SurveyGrid.

The general rule is: the longer your questionnaire, the more credits are needed.

The amount of credits needed for a survey is based on the amount of questions on your questionnaire and the amount of returned questionnaires. It also is important if the questionnaire is paper-based or online. For 1 credit 10 questions on a paper-based or 40 questions on an online questionnaire can be analyzed. Our credit calculator can be found here.

You can buy any amount of credits, with a minimum purchase of 20 credits.

You only have to buy credits for surveys when you want to scan the returned paper-based questionnaires or release the completed online questionnaires.

You do not have to buy any credits before generating your surveys. Only when you know the amount of returned questionnaires or would like to access the results of your surveys, credits are necessary. Thus you only buy the number of credits you really need.

Our credit calculator helps you to estimate how many credits you will need for your survey.

The duration of the contract period depends on the EvaSys SurveyGrid duration you choose. They differ between 3, 6 and 12 months. An overview of prices and durations can be found here.

Yes, EvaSys SurveyGrid guarantees by contract that your personal data and evaluated data will not be passed on to third parties.

EvaSys SurveyGrid is exclusively based on professionally hosted servers in Germany and all data backup is carried out solely in Germany. We have a contract with each of our hosting providers about commissioned data processing (ยง11 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and ensure on a regualar basis that the requested technical and organizational security measures are adhered to.

EvaSys SurveyGrid is a survey tool with numerous functions. However, if you want to conduct several small surveys within your survey project and need even more automation, EvaSys Survey Automation Suite by Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme might be the preferred solution. EvaSys can reflect your organizational structure and offers several user accounts. This solution can also be installed on your company server or may be hosted by Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme. More information can be found here.