About us

Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH

Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH is the leading supplier of software solutions to conduct automated surveys - regardless whether the survey is paper-based, online or hybrid. Application fields for survey conduction can be found in many contexts: teachers, students, scholars, seminar attendees, employees, patients or customers are potential survey participants. EvaSys SurveyGrid solutions support you when there is need to gather systematic feedback or in order to ensure efficient quality management. EvaExam on the other hand supports automated creation of exams at universities, private seminars and further trainings as well as adult training.

EvaSys Survey Automation Suite is a highly developed survey software „Made in Germany“. Reliable technology, first class service and customer oriented support are our guarantee for satisfied customers throughout the world. Over 1.250 installed systems in Europe and the USA underline our success story.

Since 2005 EvaExam Assessment Automation Suite is a fundamental part in the segment of automated creation of exams at universities, private seminars and further trainings, as well as adult training.

The newest member of the EvaSys product portfolio is the survey tool EvaSys SurveyGrid, our solution specially designed for small enterprises. EvaSys SurveyGrid is a competent, flexible and efficient survey software tool for occasional use. It enables a very fast and easy conduction of paper-based, online or hybrid surveys. With EvaSys SurveyGrid you can address your surveys to respondents better, with a higher response rate as a result.