EvaSys SurveyGrid features

Paper based survey

Media types for the survey

Choose your survey media: paper questionnaires, online or a combination of both - our hybrid survey. This way you are quaranteed to reach your target group.

EvaSys SurveyGrid enables you to conduct paper-based surveys quickly and easily. Use your existing devices to print and scan questionnaires. Address your participants more personally with paper questionnaires and increase your response rates with no additional effort. This improves the quality of your survey results and the data is more representative. With paper-based survey as a basis, better decisions can be made!

With EvaSys SurveyGrid online surveys are no problem. Directly reach your online oriented target group and learn about their opinion in real-time. You can use password based online surveys with either individual passwords to the survey for each participant or a universal password to the survey for all participants determined by the interviewer.

Should you be unsure which option is the best for you, you can combine paper-based and online surveys into a hybrid survey. The paper questionnaire thus includes a link and a QR code to the online version of the survey. This way the participant can choose freely which medium he or she wants to use.


Easy questionnaire creation

Select various question types and different design possiblities to easily create professional questionnaires.

Utilize 8 different question types for your questionnaire:

  • Scaled questions
  • Single choice questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Ranking questions
  • Matrix field
  • Grade values
  • Open questions
  • Half open, segmented questions

The VividForms Editor enables you to easily create questionnaire and switch flexibly between paper, online and mobile view. You only have to generate your questionnaire once and can then use it across all media types. You can find a sample questionnaire that was drafted with the VividForms Editor here.

Besides of German and English you can also choose Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish or French as the software language.

The VividForms Editor automates the numeration of pages of paper-based questionnaires. The automated numeration of questions can also be activated.


Survey distribution

The integration of QR codes, distribution of survey URL via e-mail or publication of survey URL on websites or social media enables you to reach your target group anywhere!

It is possible to place a QR code on the paper questionnaire if you conduct a hybrid survey. The participant scans the QR code with a smartphone and gets to the online version of the questionnaire. QR codes let participants freely decide which response media they prefer.

Invite your target group to participate in your online EvaSys SurveyGrid survey via e-mail. The e-mail can be sent to as many recipients as desired.

Participants fill out a paper questionnaire and return it to the interviewer for scanning and evaluation with EvaSys SurveyGrid. The personal approach automatically connected to paper-based surveys can increase the number of responses. This way you can also reach target groups that are not internet oriented.

Would you like to post a link to your online survey on Facebook or another social network? General password based online surveys can be posted on Facebook or Twitter with one click.


Questionnaires and library

Use existing know-how for the creation of your questionnaire. Single questions or even complete questionnaires are available for use in EvaSys SurveyGrid.

Looking for inspiration for your questionnaire? Use our free questionnaire templates for various topics such as customer and employee surveys, school evaluations or patient satisfaction surveys.

Do you have questions that you would like to use on several questionnaires? You can easily administer these in the EvaSys SurveyGrid question library. Build and administer your own item library with up to 10 layers.


Corporate Design

Would you like your brand to be the focus? Upload your company logo and adapt the colors for a questionnaire that fits your Corporate Design.

Upload your company logo and place it on the questionaire header to adapt the questionnaire even better to your organization or company and underline the professionalism of your survey.

EvaSys SurveyGrid lets you easily adapt online survey templates to your Corporate Design. Configure individual color combinations and define settings for navigation, question types or accessible online surveys.

EvaSys SurveyGrid makes it possible to adjust PDF-reports to fit your requirements. For example, you can set the display of image sections of open questions to display two of these in one row in order to get a space-saving layout.


Additional online features

Ensure significant results with various functions. Our online features guide the respondents through your survey.

If you conduct surveys with EvaSys SurveyGrid, it is possible to enforce answers to certain questions. The participant will have to answer your question to continue to another question or chapter if you define it as a required question.

Within a EvaSys SurveyGrid survey it is possible to validate the submission of answers for open questions or matrix question based on a range of values before the participant can submit the answer to EvaSys SurveyGrid.

Scheduled tasks make it possible to conduct time-controlled online surveys. You can set, for example, at what time information about an online survey will be sent to participants or when the survey will be closed.

EvaSys SurveyGrid generates optimized, accessible HTML content. Especially for participants of online surveys special assistance is included in the on-screen display. This type of content can be recognized by screenreader programs and exported to voice output for better understanding. EvaSys SurveyGrid adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) that also form the base for national principles (as BITV or ADA Section 508).

A progress bar in an online survey displays how many questions have been answered and how many more are left. This way the participants gets a better overview of how much time is still needed to answer all questions.

The page navigation shows the participant how many pages are left to answer. This can be displayed by small numbered boxes above each question.

Survey participants of individual password based surveys can temporarily save their answers and complete the survey at a later stage by entering their individual password.

A closing message appears when a participant has submitted a completed questionnaire. As part of the configuration of an online template the content of the closing message can be configured freely. A richtext editor permits the formatting of text. The inclusion of external content is possible with HTML-Code.

In EvaSys SurveyGrid you can define an URL per online survey that participants will be forwarded to after submitting their answers.

Online surveys can be created and published in multiple languages. Participants have the possibility to choose directly in the online survey in which language they would like to complete the questionnaire.


Effective reporting

Meaningful reports in real-time. Paper-based scans can be transferred online or via e-mail and are automatically processed.

Returned paper questionnaires can be scanned as .tiff files and directly uploaded for processing. An additional installation is not necessary.

You can verify whether scan and capture of your paper questionnaires is satisfactory before credits are deducted for returned questionnaires. The so-called inspection report shows the original scans plus recognized boxes and can be downloaded prior to consent to credit deduction. If you are not happy with the quality of your scans you can discard them and start a new scanning process.

Returned paper questionnaires that were scanned with a device capable of sending e-mails can also be sent directly to a EvaSys SurveyGrid e-mail adress for processing.

EvaSys SurveyGrid enables you to follow the results of your online survey in real-time. Data is visible as soon as participants have entered their answers and submitted them. Scanning and upload of your .tiff data in EvaSys Surveygrid is also done quickly so that results can be accessed after a few moments.

You can define whether the corresponding PDF-report should contain certain cross tabulations for each drafted questionnaire. You can define two variables in the properties of the questionnaire that will be shown as a cross tabulation in the PDF report - this feature works for single choice questions and scaled questions.

You can generate sub-group reports for any survey. This way you can, for example, generate gender sub-groups, if this value is asked.

You do not have to forgot the use of open questions in paper-based surveys with EvaSys SurveyGrid. If open questions are used, the answers are displayed as image sections on your PDF-report. This way you receive valuable insights that often reveal additional, previously not considered aspects of your survey topic.

Handwritten comments can be anonymized in surveys with paper questionnaires.

When evaluating open questions you can categorize single answers. Similar answers can thus be assigned a category, which are then depicted in the PDF-report.

For each questionnaire individual variable names and export values for answer options can be generated.

Raw data can be exported as a SPSS compatible file to directly continue working with the data and further analyze it.



Do you have further requirements? Our support is available via e-mail and phone to assess your individual requests.

The EvaSys SurveyGrid team will support you with any questions concerning EvaSys SurveyGrid. Whether by phone or e-mail - we answer your questions fast.

At EvaSys SurveyGrid we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for the transmission of personal data. SSL is a internet protocol for the encryption of messages that offers extremely high security for data communication. Third parties can not read your data. Your personal data such as your name or address are transferred as code. It is quite easy to check if the connection between your computer and the EvaSys SurveyGrid webshop is secure: if your connection is secure you will see a lock in the bottom right corner of the browser window (Internet explorer and Firefox), on the right hand side next to the addressfield (Chrome) or on the right hand top side in the browser window (Safari).