Use all media types: paper-based, online and hybrid surveys


  • Higher respone rates without additional effort or expense due to automatic evaluation
  • Easy scanning of paper questionnaires with prevalent scanners
  • Personal addressing of participants and direct feedback


  • Participation via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Distribute survey via e-mail or publish on social media
  • Multilingual online surveys for international application


  • Combined paper-based and online surveys
  • QR code for participation on mobile devices
  • Full flexibility for survey participants

EvaSys SurveyGrid.
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What is EvaSys Survey Grid?

EvaSys Survey Grid is a web-based software for the automated conducting of surveys. EvaSys SurveyGrid enables a fast and efficient survey process and is the ideal solution for an automated survey implementation. The survey itself can be conducted as a classic paper-based survey, online survey (e.g. via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter) or combined as a hybrid survey.

Who uses EvaSys SurveyGrid?

With EvaSys SurveyGrid you can conduct any kind of survey quickly and efficiently. Whether employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys or other survey projects. You can use EvaSys SurveyGrid individually and utilise it according to your demands.

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